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About Seaswift Subsea Engineering LLC

Quality Assurance:

It is the policy of Seaswift Subsea Engineering LLC to carry out the Services of Offshore Inspection, Construction and Maintenance Work, both Under Water and Above Water so as to meet all the requirements of the agreed contract (including national and international standards and regulations applying to the scope of operations).

In order to assist in accomplishing these objectives, Seaswift Subsea Engineering LLC, has established and will maintain and/or implement efficient programs and procedures for all functions. They will comply as a minimum with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 with specific reference to those sections encompassing the Company business.

The Quality Assurance Program shall define functional responsibilities and essential Quality Criteria associated with each section of the Company’s activities.

The responsibility to prepare, maintain and implement documented systems and procedures to ensure compliance with Company Policy, Client requirements and the agreed Quality Assurance Programs has been delegated to the Quality Assurance/Safety Manager.

All employees of Seaswift Subsea Engineering LLC, have been made aware of these policies and procedures, they will carry out their jobs in such a manner as to meet the requirements of this Quality Assurance System.

In order to ensure that these policies continue to be understood and maintained, responsible Directors and Managers will remind their staff of their particular responsibilities within the Quality System whenever a change occurs or at least following each annual Management Review.

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Seaswift Subsea Engineering LLC
P.O. Box 29612. Dubai, U.A.E.
Office :  +9714 2580533
Fax :      +9714 2580534
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